Their composition, style, and design are each unique to the story told in the film they represent, giving curious movie goers a glimpse into the world of the film before seeing it. Some could even argue that a movie poster can tell you more about the film than a trailer. The best movie posters evoke a strong and lasting emotional response from the viewer. A bright or suggestive comedy poster design might make us smile, whereas a dark and minimalist movie poster for a thriller might make us feel ill at ease.

Comedy audiences are looking for fun, laughter, and light-heartedness, and poster designers can channel this in their designs by using expressive photography and bright, optimistic color palettes. Discover a range of pro-designed movie poster design templates on Envato Elements to get you in a cinematic mood. We bring the most beautiful film classics to your home on posters, and with them a touch of Hollywood to your four walls. Browse through our hand-picked movie posters and discover the latest hits and most iconic designs. It may be a cliche, but red is a near-permanent fixture of most action movie posters. It’s the color of energy and passion, so using vibrant red in your poster layout—whether on type or in the background of character pictures—is an instant way to channel an action vibe.

Here you will find everything that’s famous, decades of films we know and love as well as brand cinema posters. Whether fantasy films or action blockbusters – we have the right film posters for every genre. To channel the sci-fi genre in your poster designs, look to neon color palettes teamed with inky blacks and blues, space or planetary backgrounds, and robotic-inspired graphics. Movie studios used to commission artists and graphic designers to create poster designs by hand, with the results reproduced using lithographic printing. There’s no single recommended program for designing a movie poster, but raster programs like Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Photo are best for photo-dominant designs.

Below are some examples of the best movie poster designs that achieve this balancing act across some of the most popular genres, including action and thriller, comedy, horror, drama, and sci-fi. Perhaps what all movie posters strive to have in common is a sense of summation—the narrative, mood, and/or characters of a lengthy movie need to be condensed into a single static image. The most confident and successful movie poster designs often achieve this by using very little. A preference for more minimalist movie poster design seems to be the hallmark of contemporary poster design, which might partly result from the need for online images to be graphically powerful at a small scale. Eye-catching colors, larger-than-life typography, and exciting graphics help to conjure up a cinematic experience in static form, while images of well-known movie stars help to connect with fans.

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Once we receive your order, we immediately start printing the design of your choice. Thanks to our reliable shipping partners, you can hold the finished product in your hands sooner than you may think. Ultra-minimal sans serif fonts, such as Futura, can be typeset with generous tracking to give an airy, ethereal feel to titling for space-set movies. All donations are used to cover site maintenance costs; this website is made by fans and not intended to make a profit. The donation system also prevents people from downloading the complete collection at once and thus overloading our server, and it creates an incentive for users to add new material.

No matter if you’re a student, an artist, or a collector, if you want to know more about movie posters CineMaterial is the place to be. It offers a very extensive and daily updated archive of images, categorized in the best way possible. The benefits of being a donator include the possibility to download images and to filter posters based on language and category (among other things). While drama posters are all unique, the focus for the poster designer should be on creating an atmospheric, emotionally charged design which summarizes the mood and theme of the movie. To design a movie poster, at a functional level, all movie posters usually contain the title, star(s), director, and release date, and some may also feature review quotes or slogans to further entice cinema-goers. Many movie posters have been designed by famous graphic artists and illustrators.

The most memorable posters for films and television series manage to capture the atmosphere and energy of what it’s like to experience the works themselves, not just visually express a character or plot element. If you have a passion for a film, an actor, actress, director, or graphic arist. You can savor the passion by having the original movie poster on your wall. In some cases, a movie poster will strike such a chord among movie-goers that the original movie poster becomes highly valued by collectors. Printed by a film studio in limited quantity, for display in movie theaters to promote the film. Movies like Superbad set the tone for retro styling for indie comedy posters, with rounded fonts like Cooper Black and Stripes becoming popular across the comedy genre.

  • Movie posters often use deliberate visual signifiers to indicate to a viewer the genre and mood of the movie.
  • You can create a sense of urgency and energy by focussing on the impact of movement and color in your poster design.
  • The horror genre has produced some of the most iconic movie poster designs of all time, from Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) to Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980).
  • To channel the sci-fi genre in your poster designs, look to neon color palettes teamed with inky blacks and blues, space or planetary backgrounds, and robotic-inspired graphics.

In recent years, the drama genre has produced some really interesting and unique poster art examples, such as the campaign for 1917 (2019), which used large-scale typography as a frame for the beautiful war-themed film shots. While early movie poster designs were created by hand, today poster artists tend to use digital software to create their designs. This web site contains only authentic, original, genuine movie memorabilia. We stock over 10,000 original vintage hollywood movie posters and lobby cards from the 1920s to the present.

This era produced some of the most iconic and replicated movie poster designs of all time, such as the adventure-montage format of The Goonies and Indiana Jones. While many vintage movie poster examples are now cherished by collectors and art fans for their striking designs, movie posters had and continue to have a simple commercial function—to promote the studio’s film and attract audiences into theaters. Drama movies tend to have a serious, theatrical tone which is focussed on the emotional interactions of the characters. The genre is very diverse, with movies set across a wide variety of settings and periods.

But if you are a fan of interior design, then you are in the right place too! On a daily basis we print wall murals, illustrations, photographs and art reproductions and send them to more than 25 countries to keep our customers happy. Find hundreds of design templates on Envato Elements to get you in a cinematic mood. From its humble beginnings as a hand-painted advert to its now highly collectible status, the movie poster has become both an indispensable marketing tool for movie studios and an admired example of graphic art.

In some instances, a movie poster can be even better than the movie it’s advertising for! From vintage movie posters and Academy Award nominated original film posters to Star Wars and other science fiction, horror, and comedy movie classics, we have a vast collection for all cinema fans. If you’re looking for a high quality poster for a great movie, chances are we’ll have what you’re looking for. Whether you’re a fan of vintage Saul Bass poster art or modern graphic designer Mondo, Film Art Gallery can make you the proud owner of a piece of movie history. While most movie posters will feature some design elements that signify their genre, that’s not to say that all movie posters are simply copies of others. Rather, the best movie poster designs balance a unique and innovative concept with some inherited elements of genre-specific design.